Ivanti Application Control for Linux - Installation

Ivanti Application Control for Linux 2021.4.1 is an addition to the powerful Ivanti User Workspace Manager solution. It enables Windows Administrators to create and deploy Allow and Deny lists to Linux machines in their environment.

Audience for this Guide

This guide is intended for existing administrators of Ivanti Application Control. It describes the process for the installation and initial setup of the Linux environment.

Additional administrator information describing the configuration options for Ivanti Application Control for Linux is available within the Application Control Help.

Installation Overview

This is the overall set of steps needed for installing the backend (Windows Server), Linux, and then Application Control for Linux 2021.4.1. Once one step is complete. return to this list for the next step.

  1. Prerequisites

IMPORTANT: Administrators must ensure the essential prerequisites are in place before starting the installation process.

  1. Install Windows Server

    This is the backend of the system.

  2. Install Linux Endpoints

  3. Install Application Control for Linux

Other Options


Should you need to interrupt the installation to start again, refresh an older installation, or remove unwanted files refer to Uninstall.


For information on system upgrades and any known issues, refer to Troubleshooting.


Application Control for Linux Utilization (opens Application Control Help)