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Application Personalization

The Application Personalization area of the console is used to configure a list of applications and Application Groups which can be included for personalization.

Application Processing Rules

When an application is opened on a managed endpoint, processing rules determine if it is managed and how it is managed. Applications can be marked as follows:

  • Managed - The application or process is managed, either individually or as part of an Application Group.
  • Discovered - The application is not managed or excluded but the Personalization Group settings has Auto-discover user applications applied.
  • Excluded - The application has been added to the Application Exclusions list or is the child process of an excluded application. It will not be discovered or managed when run on a managed endpoint.
  • Passive - The application is not managed but usage data is collected for analysis by the Application Data Collection.

Unless virtualization is disabled for the process, a Personalization Virtualization Component (PVC) configuration is created to redirect registry reads and writes and file and folder access to the virtual cache so that the process is virtualized.

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