Application Exclusions

Applications in the Application Exclusions list are not managed if they are started as child process of a managed application. However, exclusions can be overridden by adding an excluded application to the managed applications list for a personalization group.

Child processes of a managed application are personalized by default. Some child processes may not be suitable for personalization. It could be that a child process continues to run when the managed parent application is closed; preventing the parent application from synchronizing with the database. By adding the child process to the Application Exclusions, the parent application will synchronize correctly when closed.

The Applications Exclusions list is pre-populated with applications recommended for exclusion from personalization. The list includes common applications which are not necessarily suitable for personalization, such as registry editing tools and system administration utilities.

The Application Exclusion list can be updated by adding new applications and removing existing ones. From the Manage ribbon, select Application Exclusions to display the currently excluded applications. Amend the list of applications using the Add and Remove buttons.

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