Integrating Environment Manager with Ivanti Neurons

Environment Manager works with Ivanti Neurons in Hybrid mode to allow Ivanti Neurons to deploy configurations created and managed in Environment Manager and saved in Ivanti Neurons.

Integration Workflow

Environment Manager integrates with Ivanti Neurons to save and deploy configurations. Environment Manager can use Ivanti Neurons to save and deploy configurations to target devices through agent policies. Use Environment Manager to create, update, and save configurations.


  1. In Ivanti Neurons, create an App Registration.

    You must copy or record the generated settings; they will not be shown again, and they are required to complete the authentication process in Environment Manager.

    • Neurons Auth URL: The authorization URL for Ivanti Neurons.

    • Client ID: The Client ID for Ivanti Neurons.

Environment Manager

  1. Create a Configuration. This can be done in one of the following ways:

    1. To edit an on-premise configuration click File > Open and select a configuration.

    2. To edit a configuration from Ivanti Neurons click File > Open > Configuration from Ivanti Neurons.

      Environment Manager will prompt you to log in to Ivanti Neurons when you click File > Open > Configuration from Ivanti Neurons.

  2. Authenticate with Ivanti Neurons:

    1. Click Configuration from Ivanti Neurons from either File > Open or File > Save As to open the Ivanti Neurons Login dialog.

    2. Enter the Authorization URL and Client ID that was generated in the Ivanti Neurons app registration. See Step 1.
    3. Click Login to open your Ivanti Neurons tenant.
    4. Enter your Ivanti Neurons credentials, and click Sign In to open the Environment Manager Configuration tab.
    5. Save a configuration to Neurons from Environment Manager

  3. Save the configuration to Ivanti Neurons:

    1. Click New and enter a Name and Description.

    2. If you are updating a configuration, choose Update.

      When overwriting an existing configuration, Environment Manager updates the version number of the file to preserve configuration history.


Deploy your configuration as follows:

  1. Download and Install the Ivanti Neurons Default Agent on your target devices. Once installed, the Agent checks in with your Neurons tenant. At this time, the device registers and the device details are saved to Devices.

  2. Create an Agent Policy.

    In the Capabilities section you must select Environment Manager and Environment Manager configuration to be assigned for deployment. Learn more about agent policy settings.

  3. Choose the devices to add to the Agent Policy Group.

  4. You are now ready to deploy the policy with the Environment Manager configuration to your devices.