Agent Management

Use an Ivanti Neurons Agent to collect device data directly from devices rather than through a connector.

The Ivanti Neurons Agent has an agent framework that manages components, engines that perform specific tasks, and sensors that gather real-time data. The engines and sensors often require privileged access to perform their work, so they generally run as LocalSystem. For example, if you use the Ivanti Neurons Agent to execute a PowerShell script, the automation engine runs the script as LocalSystem.


To be able to take advantage of all features1 of the Neurons Platform, endpoints on which the Neurons Agent will be installed need to comply with all of the following requirements. This may preclude some versions of otherwise supported operating systems, because they cannot meet other requirements.

If you have firewalls that prevent communication between the Neurons Platform and an Ivanti Neurons Agent, create a firewall exception for * For more information about URL and IP address usage, see the article in the Community: Ivanti Neurons URL and IP White List.

You cannot install an agent on a device that has the Connector server utility installed.

Installing the Agent

  1. Click Admin > Agent Management in the left navigation pane.
  2. Choose which type of devices you want to install the agent on, and select the tab for either the Interactive or Silent installation method.
  3. Click the Download button.
  4. Follow the instructions on the page to install the agent on devices.

After the agent has been installed and is listed on the Devices page, you can view the device details, or ask questions on the Edge Intelligence page.

If you use distribution software (such as Ivanti Endpoint Manager) that sends the arguments separately, remember to remove the agent filename from the copied text before you paste it into the distribution software. For details on how to use Ivanti Endpoint Manager to distribute the Ivanti Neurons Agent, see How to deploy an Ivanti Neurons Agent using Endpoint Manager.

Uninstalling the Agent

For details about uninstalling an Ivanti Neurons Agent on a Windows device, see this article in the Community: How to uninstall the Ivanti Neurons Agent.

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