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Prepare your certificates

Your certificate will be a web certificate and should include intermediate and root certificates. Once it is installed, you can access your File Director certificate from Certificate Manager. Before you can apply your certificates to the File Director appliance, they must be exported.

Export certificates

  1. Open Certificate Manager.
  2. Right click on the root File Director certificate and select Open from the short-cut menu.

  3. Select the Details tab and click Copy to File.

  4. The Certificate Export Wizard opens, click Next.
  5. Select Base-64 encoded X.509 (.CER) and click Next.

  6. Browse to where you want to save the certificate, give the root certificate a name and click Next.

  7. Review your settings and click Finish to start the export.

    You are notified when the certificate has been successfully exported.

  8. Repeat this process for your Standard certificate and any Intermediate certificates.

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