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Apply a File Director patch

File Director software can be updated by applying a patch, supplied by Ivanti, which can be uploaded through your appliance. If clustering is enabled and a patch server has been set, patches are applied in the Cluster tab.

Before applying any update to File Director you are advised to take a backup or snapshot of your virtual machine(s), your database, and the appliance configuration. See Backup and restore

  1. Log into Ivanti Support and navigate to the File Director software page.
  2. Click the link for the required software.
  3. Log in to the File Director Admin Console.
  4. Select Home > Version.

    In the Status section, details of the current patch version are displayed.

  5. Click Choose File and navigate to a File Director patch file.

    The screen updates to list the components that the patch is updating and their version numbers. Click a patch to view further details.

  6. Select the required patch and click Deploy Update file.

To complete the patch install, the server automatically reboots. Connected devices are unable to communicate with the server for few minutes whilst the reboot completes.

Note: 2018.3 patch

Periodically, large patches are issued containing multiple component updates and upgrades to the OS. The 2018.3 patch is an example. Before installing the 2018.3 patch be aware it will require a system reboot several times during the update process. In addition, it is essential you perform recommended backups, as in some circumstances you will need to re-import the appliance snapshot after the update process has completed.

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