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Services vs tray

When troubleshooting an issue, it is common practice to turn off services in turn to see whether a particular service is causing the problem. However, File Director services are responsible for syncing files. It is recommended that you leave the services running and exit the File Director tray by clicking the File Director icon in the system tray and clicking Exit. The current work queue will be processed and then syncing will continue once you restart the tray.

Client logging

The default location for log files is %programdata%\AppSense\DataNowLogs. This location can be customized; if required, please contact Ivanti Support.

For further information, see this article.

Turn on client logging

To turn on logging in a client, hold down Shift and right-click the File Director icon in the system tray.

In the context menu, select Diagnostics > Start Logging.

For advanced logging settings, and a tracedump tool to convert ETL file to text, see this article.

In-location sync errors

If ILS fails to configure, a message displays and an error is registered in the Windows Event Log. There can be numerous causes for this, such as invalid CSIDL specification or a path outside of the profile.         

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