File Director upgrades

Depending upon your needs there are different approaches to applying a File Director upgrade:

In-place upgrade

In-place upgrades are the most straightforward and ensure that all File Director appliances are of the same version.

The disadvantages of in-place updates is that your system will remain offline during part of the upgrade. See Apply a File Director patch for further information.

Side-by-side upgrade

If you want to evaluate or test a major version upgrade before applying it to your production environment you may want to perform a side-by-side upgrade. This approach allows you maintain continuity and keep your existing File Director appliance(s) running, whilst creating a new set of appliances using the newer version. The approach requires additional infrastructure and resources.

To ensure that your clients continue to synchronize with configured map points after the upgrade it is vital to perform the following steps:

1.Back up your current appliance configuration (see Backup and restore).

2.Restore the configuration to your new appliance or cluster.

If you do not restore the configuration on your new installation, each client will perform full conflict resolution. Under these conditions, the client attempts to download the server copy of every file in order to recreate the local metadata. If you have a large number of files and users, this can dramatically increase the load on your network.

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