Conflict resolution

File Director conflict resolution allows administrators to configure the format of file and folder names, following a conflict during syncing. For example, by appending a file name with an incrementing number or the date and time. Multiple flags can be used at the same time and different flags can be applied to specific users and groups or company-wide.

An optional user interface can be displayed to users in the event of a conflict occurring. This allows users to manage conflict resolution themselves.

To change the file naming format flag use the key and flags in the table below.

Values Description
Value Name: ConflictFileFormat


The available format flags are:
  • %N - An incrementing permutation number (e.g. 1, 2, etc)
  • %k - Suffix associated with permutation (e.g. nd, th etc)
  • %l - The lower case user name (e.g. john)
  • %L - The capitalized user name (e.g. John)
  • %a - Abbreviated weekday name (e.g. Thu)
  • %A - Full weekday name (e.g. Thursday)
  • %b - Abbreviated month name (e.g. Aug)
  • %B - Full month name (e.g. August)
  • %d - Day of the month, zero-padded (01-31) (e.g. 23)
  • %H - Hour in 24h format (00-23) (e.g. 14)
  • %I - Hour in 12h format (01-12) (e.g. 02)
  • %m - Month as a decimal number (01-12) (e.g. 08)
  • %M - Minute (00-59) (e.g. 55)
  • %p - AM or PM designation (e.g. PM)
  • %S - Second (00-59) (e.g. 02)
  • %x - Date representation (e.g. 08-23-01)
  • %X - Time representation (e.g. 14.55.02)
  • %y - Year, last two digits (00-99) (e.g. 01)
  • %Y - Year (e.g. 2001)

For example, (%L's %N%k copy) would result in "filename (John's 2nd copy).docx"

The format must include either %N, %S, %X to make the filename unique enough.

To enable the conflict resolution dialog for end users, use the key in the table below.

Values Description
Value Name: ManualConflictResolution

Value Type: REG_DWORD

Permits users to manually control the renaming of files if a conflict is detected with a dialog. A non-zero value enables the dialog allowing users to manage conflict resolution. The default value of zero prevents the dialog displaying and files and folders are renamed according to the flags set for the ConflictFileFormat key.

When a conflict arises users are presented with the following dialog, allowing them to manage the resolution themselves.

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