Mapped drive

This feature extends In-Location Sync functionality enabling all File Director shared map points to be mapped drives. Administrators can map any File Director shared map point in Windows Explorer to user’s native mapped drives. This includes the Home map point, if it has not already been mapped by In-Location Sync.

Mapped Drive functionality is not supported when you have set the entire user profile as a managed location.

Values Description
Value Name:


Value Type:


This key maps shared map points to mapped network drives. Multiple mapped drives can be defined in the key. The drive and the map point must be separated by a comma and each drive must be on its own row. There must not be a space following the comma otherwise the space will be added to the map point name.

For example:

T,Company Documents

Z,Team Shares

This example maps the Company Documents shared map point to the T drive and the Team Shares shared map point to the Z drive.

User home/map points can be mapped using the format above.

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