Windows overlay icons

Depending on the settings applied by you and your organization, File Director files and folders that appear in Windows Explorer display overlay icons so you can easily see their state.

Icon Meaning
The file is downloaded and available on your computer.
The file is syncing to or from the local file.
The file does not exist locally. Click the file to download.

The file does not exist locally and the client is currently logged out or offline.

The map point is offline at logon. You can still work on local copies of any files, which automatically synchronize with the server when the map point becomes available.
This is your home map point and is accessible only by you. You have full access to add and delete files and folders.
Multiple users in your organization can access this map point.
This folder is read-only. You can download files and use them locally but you cannot upload files or create folders.

The local file conflicts with the file held on the server.

At synchronization, the client will download the server copy, compare it with the local version, and if differences are detected a conflicted copy is generated. If no differences are detected the conflict icon is withdrawn.

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