iOS app settings

Tap Settings to access your account configuration.


If you are logged in to File Director, your account is listed here. Tap Unlink to remove your profile and all File Director files from your device.


There are two general settings:

  • History Usage

    When you view files during a session, they are added to your history. This means you do not have to download files repeatedly to view them more than once. Using this setting, you can set a limit on the amount of data that can be stored in your history, from the total amount of space available on your device. When the limit is reached, no further files are added to the list and must be downloaded from the server every time you want to view them. You can also remove files from your history using the delete files options.

  • Folder cache time

    Set how often your File Director app is refreshed to incorporate any content changes. To manually refresh, pull down and release any list of files.

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