Mac client advanced configuration

The Related topics listed below describe how to configure the File Director macOS client by setting keys (property values) in the com.ivanti.filedirector.plist file. This includes basic configuration instructions - such as setting the server and user and whether icon overlays display - and also more advanced settings, such as  exclusions.

You can do this via a command line tool or you may find it convenient to use the shell script ( in the File Director Mac.

Mac client version number

The Mac client version is not aligned with the File Director release number. For example, the current File Director product release is 2023.3, whereas the Mac client for File Director is version Mac 4.2.
The minimum supported version of the client for File Director 2022.1 is Mac - 4.0.

The File Director Maintained Platforms Matrix specifies the minimum supported versions for the different technology platforms that File Director may require.

Older versions of macOS

Certain technologies within macOS File Director client will not work correctly with macOS version 10.14 or earlier. If you have a requirement to install the client on macOS 10.14 or earlier, you will need version 4.0.4 of the File Director client. To access applicable online help click this link, or access archived versions of File Director help from the Ivanti Help portal.

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