Locked users

This help topic applies to File Director 2021.1 and later. If using File Director 2020.3 or earlier, refer to Users and Devices.

The policy for Failed Login Attempts is determined from Web Admin console (Policy > Global). If a user exceeds the attempts permitted, their account is temporarily locked for a configurable period no greater than one hour. Once unlocked, the failed login counter is reset.

When an account is locked, a message is displayed to the user informing them their account is disabled and to contact their system administrator.

Manage locked accounts

From the File Director Web Admin console, click Policy > Locked Users.

The Locked Users dialog is displayed:

To unlock an account:

Select the user account required and click Unlock Selected Users. Alternatively, click Select All to select and unlock all locked accounts.

A confirmation dialog is displayed. Click Confirm or Cancel as required.

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