Set up the SMTP server (2020.2 and earlier)

Support for link based sharing was withdrawn from File Director 2020.3. The following section applies to earlier releases only.

Set up SMTP to use the required account for initiating Link Based Sharing emails.

The server URL, provided in the client's request, is used to create the link included in emails to users. The File Director server URL configured for your company's appliances must be accessible externally.

  1. Select Configuration > Advanced.

  2. In the SMTP Configuration section, enter the details of the SMTP server and email address:

  3. Hostname or IP address of the SMTP server

    • SMTP server port number

    • Encryption type to use when sending emails

    • The email address to send emails from

    • Email address to receive test email

    • Indicate if authentication is required and, if so, provide the username and password

  4. Click Update.

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