Enable link based sharing on map points (2020.2 and earlier)

Support for link based sharing was withdrawn from File Director 2020.3. The following section applies to earlier releases only.

Enable link based sharing on your map points by editing your map point access policy.

  1. Select Policy > Map Point Access.
  2. Click Edit for the required map point.
  3. Select the users for whom you want to enable sharing.
    Sharing can be enabled for all users associated with the map point or create individual policies for selected OUs, user groups and/or individual users.

    Click Add for an OU, user group or individual user to define a specific policies.

  4. Open the appropriate map point and set the policy for internal and external users.

    You can apply the following settings for each type:

    • Disabled - Link based sharing is not available for users connecting to this map point. If link based sharing is disabled for internal users, it cannot be enabled for external users on the same map point.
    • Read-only - All shares are read-only for this map point. Users can download files but not upload files to shares.
    • Collaboration - Users can download and upload files to shares. Internal users can also delete files they upload whilst external users cannot.

    In the example below, Link Based Sharing has been disabled for external users and for the map point. Internal users have collaborative access to shares.

    Console Map Point Access Policy

  5. Click Save to apply the setting.
  6. Repeat these steps for any other map points where link based sharing is required.

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