About File Director

File Director enables you to access your business data securely whether you are at the office, at home or on the move. File Director can be used on all your computers, devices and the web so you can access important files wherever you are.

File Director consists of:

  • A server that your IT Support department installs
  • A website that you access over the Internet
  • Client programs for your computers that sync your files
  • Clients for your mobile devices that let you view your files

Save or copy files to your File Director folder and File Director syncs your files with servers inside your enterprise which keep your files secure and backed-up. You can install File Director on multiple clients including Windows computers, Apple Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android phones so you can work with your files on each device or computer. Provided you have a network connection, the files always sync back to the network store ready for use on the other devices. When you can't install a client, you can still access your files over the web using a browser and upload changes when you're finished.

The tasks you can perform with File Director vary depending which client you are using:
Web Client

File Director provides a secure method of accessing your files over the Internet. The File Director client checks that the server is using a trusted certificate before allowing you to log in. It then encrypts all network communications between your device and the server.

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