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Deployment Group Packages

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Deployment Group Packages

The Deployment Group Packages sub-node allows you to manage the list of software packages and assign package versions to the current deployment group for download to the managed endpoints.

The view displays the list of products, available packages and assignments.

Packages include installed Patches, Agents and Configuration files together with details such as the name of the product, the platform on which the package is supported for example, 32-bit or 64-bit and their version numbers.

Product agent packages for Application Control, Environment Manager and Performance Manager are saved to the Management server database by default as part of the Management Center installation. Configuration packages for each product can be added to the database via the consoles by saving the configurations to the Management Server. The following products are supported:

  • Application Control
  • Environment Manager
  • Performance Manager
  • Ivanti Cloud agent

When the installation schedule for a group is disabled, a warning displays in the packages panel notifying you that the packages will not be installed. The warning is removed in either of the following circumstances:

  • The installation schedule is enabled.
  • All packages are unassigned from the group.

Review and Submit

The Review and Submit button is used to check and deploy any changes to the settings for a particular product patch, agent or configuration.

Package Installation

Depending on the installation settings for the deployment group the Ivanti Update Manager coordinates the installation of packages. This can result in a computer reboot if new or updated agent packages are deployed.

Note, when a package is assigned to a large deployment group, the installation status on the endpoint machines may take several minutes to update correctly.


  • Quick Setup - Highlight a product and select this action to display the Quick Setup wizard. Using the quick setup wizard you can quickly assign all of the packages for a product to a group.

    You can also access the Quick Setup wizard by double-clicking the package type.

  • Change Agent Version (only available for Agents) - Select this option to choose the agent to assign to your deployment group.
  • Change Configuration (only available for Configurations) - Use this option to specify the Configuration file and version to assign to your deployment group
  • Change Revision (only available for Configurations) - This option allows you to select a different version of the configuration file used in your deployment group.
  • Always Use Latest (only available for Configurations) - If the configuration assigned to the deployment group is not the latest version. This option is available, to replace the assigned configuration with the latest version available and click Yes to confirm.
  • Remove - Highlight a package to be removed and select this option remove it from the deployment group. The package is removed at the next poll period.

Changing Agent Version

Note that the Ivanti Cloud agent connects to the Ivanti Cloud portal and is automatically self-updating.
To change the version of the other product agents used by your selected deployment group, do the following:

  1. Select Home > [Server] > Deployment Groups > [Deployment Group] > Packages

    The Packages work area displays and provides a list of all the Ivanti products and their assigned packages.

  2. Navigate to the Product associated with the version of the agent to be changed.
  3. Highlight the agent to be changed.
  4. Click Change Agent Version from the Actions panel.
  5. The Select the 32/64 Bit Agent Version dialog displays, the dialog title will change depending on the version you highlighted.
  6. Select the Agent to be used by the deployment group.

    The latest software patches require Deployment Agent version 8.6 or later to support deployment and reduce the number of endpoint reboots.

  7. Click Finish.

Changing Configurations and Configuration Versions

To change the configuration file to be used by your selected deployment group, do the following:

  1. Select Home > [Server] > Deployment Groups > [Deployment Group] > Packages

    The Packages work area displays and provides a list of all the Ivanti products and their associated packages.

  2. Navigate to the Product associated with the configuration file to be changed.
  3. Highlight the configuration file.
  4. Click Change Configuration from the Actions options.

    The Select the Configuration wizard page displays.

  5. Select the Configuration file to be used by your group.
  6. Click Next.

    The Select the Configuration Version page displays.

  7. Select the Configuration Version to be used.

    If you want to always use the latest configuration version, select Always Use Latest in the Version column.

  8. Click Finish.

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