On-premises vs. Hosted Installations

Cherwell Asset Management is available in the following configurations:

  • On-premises installation: Cherwell Asset Management, with or without Cherwell Service Management (CSM). If CSM is present, you have the option to use CAM authentication or CSM authentication.

  • Hosted installation: Cherwell Asset Management and Cherwell Service Management. CSM authentication is used in these environments. Note that even with hosted installations, some components (CAM Administrator, CAM Administration Service, CAM Access Point, and CAM Agents) are installed on premises. Other components are run in a cloud environment.

As noted above, the authentication method varies by how you have installed and deployed the product. See Authentication and Authorization for an explanation of how this works; contact us if you need more information on the available solutions.

Because this help system describes all available Cherwell Asset Management configurations, colored blocks are used to set off information that only pertains to certain configurations. See If Some Items Are Unavailable for more information.