If Some Items Are Unavailable

There may be cases where certain panels, features, or menus are unavailable (either "grayed" out or not visible at all). This can happen due to:

  • Your Cherwell Asset Management configuration
  • Other reasons

Read on for an explanation of each.

CAM Configurations

You have choices in how you use CAM (in on-premises vs. hosted environments, and using CCAM vs. CSM authentication). This help system covers all available configurations, but the way some features work can vary by configuration.

Other Reasons

Other reasons some items may not be available include:

  • Administrator user policies: The main administrator has enabled the Administrator user policies feature and you are logged in as an administrator with limited permissions. If this is the case, you'll only see the panels you have permission to view.
  • Licensing: Your organization is not licensed to use all features of the product. For example, the other assets feature is only available if you are licensed to use the inventory component. See the Status panel for information on what features you are licensed to use.
  • Current configuration: Your current configuration affects what menu items and commands are available. For example, the Launch Remote Desktop Connection item on the Machine menu is only available when the Windows Remote Desktop Connection accessory is present on the current machine.
  • Current selection: Your current selection affects what menu items and commands are available. For example, the Inventory Selected Machines item on the Machines menu is only available if at least one machine is selected.