Administrator User Policies

Administrator user policies allow you to designate multiple CAM Administrators.

This topic applies to CAM Authentication.

By default, Administrator user policies are disabled. The first user who selects Enable Administrator user policies is configured as the CAM system administrator, with administrator privileges.

Once enabled, you can give specific users full or limited permissions to perform tasks in the CAM Administrator. You can also completely block specific users from launching CAM Administrator.  

Example: To allow a member of a department to install the CAM Agent on machines, give this user permission to view and use the Managed Computers and Users panel, and do not allow this user permissions to view the License Units, Unconfigured Applications, Files, and Other Assets panels.

When Administrator user policies are enabled, the following permissions are available:

  • Administrator permissions: Can perform any and all tasks in CAM Administrator. For more information, see Administrator and User Permissions.
  • Configure and manage software characteristics: Sets up a SaaS Administrator.
  • User permissions: Can only perform tasks in the areas you specify. For more information, see Administrator and User Permissions.
  • Not authorized: Cannot launch or perform any tasks in CAM Administrator.


  • Only users with administrator permissions can enable and disable Administrator user policies, grant permissions, and deny access to other users.
  • If Administrator user policies are enabled, no user can delete users who have user policies applied to them.
  • If you use CSM authentication, permissions to Cherwell Asset Management are controlled from within Cherwell Service Management.