Administrator and User Permissions


When you enable CAM administrator user policies, or use Cherwell Service Management authentication to manage user access, users can have full or limited functionality in CAM Administrator, Purchasing, Reporting, and CAM SaaS Analytics. This topic provides details on what each type of permissions includes in both CAM and the equivalent rights as configured in CSM.

Administrator Permissions

Users without administrator permissions cannot do the following:

  • Run the Setup Wizard
  • Configure baselines
  • Reset data
  • Change the license key
  • View all panels
  • View and configure all tabs and options in the Options dialog box
  • (CAM) Enable or configure user policies

User Permissions

The following topics list the permissions available to each panel. Panels that a user does not have permission to access are not shown in CAM Administrator or the Status panel. (For example, users with permissions to the Managed Computers and Users panels will only see those panels; the License Units, Files, Network Devices, and Other Assets panels will not be visible.)

Users Who Are Not Authorized

Users designated as "Not authorized" in the Administrator User Policy dialog box cannot run CAM Administrator.