How to Edit Filter Ownership

To edit filter ownership, do the following from the Filters panel:

  1. Select a filter from the list.

    If you're transferring ownership from a CAM user to a CSM user, note the "(CAM)" suffix after each CAM user name to help you track which filters to save to a new user.

    Note: You do not need to edit ownership of shared filters. See the second Tip, below.

  2. Click the Save As button at the top right of the right pane. The right pane updates.
  3. Optional: Enter a description for the filter, and specify whether to make it a shared filter (available to other users).
  4. From the Filter owner list, select the user to which you want to transfer ownership.
  5. Click Save.


  • After saving the filter to the new user, it's a good idea to delete the original filter to avoid confusion and keep only current filters in the list.
  • Because shared filters are available to all authorized users of reports, you do not need to save shared filters to a CSM user in order to allow CSM users to use the filter. However, if you want to change a shared filter’s owner, you can unmark the Shared box, save the filter, and then mark the Shared box and save it again.