Filter Ownership

You can create, share, and delete filters, but there may be cases where you want to transfer ownership of filters from one user to another. Examples include:

  • One user turns over job duties to another user. The first user may have created a number of useful filters that the second user wants to be able to use.

  • You change from using CAM authentication to CSM authentication and you want the new CSM users who are authorized to use Reporting to have access to existing filters.

Notes: If your site uses CSM authentication, access to Reporting is controlled from Cherwell Service Management using CSM security groups and users.

See How to Edit Filter Ownership for step-by-step instructions for transferring all of one user's filters to another user. Once filter ownership is transferred to the second user, that second user can edit or delete any individual filters as needed.

You do not need to edit ownership of shared filters. See the second Tip that follows the procedure in the above hyperlink.