Add/Change Network Device Discovery IP Address Range Dialog Box

Enter a range of IP addresses to search for network devices.

Getting There

To specify a range of IP addresses to query for network devices:

  1. In the Range text boxes, enter an IP address range to search.
  2. Specify the SNMP version: v1, v2, or v3. Then enter the required SNMP credentials for the SNMP version you specified.  
  3. Optional but recommended: Before selecting OK, select Test to open the Test Network Device Discovery dialog box, where you can verify that a connection can be established before proceeding.
  4. When you are satisfied with your settings, select OK.
  5. After you select OK, a dialog box opens to tell you how many IP addresses this configuration will attempt to query. You have the option to save your configuration by selecting Yes or, if the number of devices is not what you expect, you can select No to return to the dialog box to make changes. Although querying a large number of devices can take time, it does not affect machine performance or the ability to run other tasks.