SNMP Credentials

The SNMP credentials you need to enter when configuring network device discovery vary depending on what version of SNMP is enabled on the devices you want to discover.

All SNMP Versions

For all SNMP versions, you also have the option to enter text into the Notes field to help you later identify your saved configuration.

SNMP v1 or v2

For SNMP v1 or v2c devices, all you need to enter is the SNMP community string, which is set to "public" by default.


For v3 configurations, you need to enter the following information, as specified by the administrator who set up the SNMP devices:

  •  User name
  • Authentication method and corresponding Password/Key: The authentication method options are None, MD5, and SHA. If the SNMP v3 device(s) you want to discover don't require an authentication method, select None; no further information is required. If your devices use MD5 or SHA, you will also need to enter the corresponding password/key.
  • Privacy/encryption method and corresponding Password/Key: The options here are None, DES, and AES, and you must select an option if you entered MD5 or SHA as the authentication method above. DES and AES privacy/encryption methods also require a password/key.

Password/key information is encrypted when stored in the CAM database.