Add/Change Linux/Unix/Mac OS Discovery Machines Dialog Box

You can discover Linux/Unix/Mac OS machines by name or by IP address.

Getting There

To specify which Linux/Unix/Mac OS machines to discover by machine name or IP address:

  1. Enter the machine name or IP address to query. Multiple machine names must be separated by commas.
  2. Optional:
    • If you need to specify a port other than the default of 22, check Use custom port and enter a port number in the accompanying text box.
    • Enter any additional information you want to include for this configuration in the Notes text box.
  3. Enter the required credentials for the machine(s) you want to discover. A user name is required, and you can specify either a password or a private key and passphrase. 
  4. Optional but recommended: Before selecting OK, select Test to open the Test Linux/Unix/Mac OS Discovery dialog box, where you can verify that a connection can be established before proceeding.
  5. Click OK.