Preview Window

This window provides a preview of what your imported asset data will look like so that you can verify that the results will be what you expect. This preview window shows all columns that will be imported, plus their corresponding row numbers. Note that this window only shows rows that contain an asset name; any rows that do not contain at least this information are not imported.

You can use the items on this window's toolbar to perform these operations:

  • Back: Go back to the previous screen. You can step your way back through the wizard at any time to make changes to your previous selections.
  • Import: Proceed with the import.
  • View Log: Open a text-only log file of the import operation in Windows Notepad. This log file contains detailed information about the import operation.
  • Open Worksheet: Open the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. Here you can correct any errors and then save your spreadsheet.
  • Refresh: If you made changes to your worksheet or import operation since this preview first appeared, select this button for an updated preview.
  • Cancel: Cancel the import operation.
  • Help: Open the Help topic for this window.


  • The Row# field in the preview window corresponds to the first row in your worksheet that contains data. For example, if the first two rows of your worksheet are blank, the third row of your worksheet (the first one that contains data) will appear as Row 1 in the preview window.
  • You can only import 1000 rows of data in one operation. If you receive an error to this effect and your spreadsheet contains fewer than 1000 rows with actual data, do the following: Click the Open Worksheet button and delete the rows from your worksheet that you are not concerned with. Even if the rows are empty of data, you still need to delete them rather than merely clear them, or Cherwell Asset Management will still try to import their (nonexistent) data.