Select Fields Dialog Box

In this screen, you assign columns in your worksheet to the asset field names that Cherwell Asset Management uses to store asset data, and specify whether the first row of each column in your worksheet is a column header or actual data.

To start, select the drop-down list that is next to the Asset name (required) field to see a list of all column headers in the current worksheet. Click the one that corresponds to the asset's name. (For example, you may have a column called Device or Name that contains this information.)

If you're not sure what fields in the worksheet correspond to what asset fields, you may want to open your spreadsheet and then the appropriate worksheet in Microsoft Excel to investigate. You can have the spreadsheet open at the same time that you are running the Asset Import Wizard. You'll have a chance to preview the results later in the wizard, so you can make assignment changes then if necessary.

Continue matching worksheet columns with Cherwell Asset Management asset fields. You'll need to match columns with fields for the Asset name and Serial number fields. Assigning worksheet columns to the other fields is optional, but you may find it helpful to import this information as well if your spreadsheet contains that data.

By default, the final option (First row of data contains column headers) is selected. You should only clear it if you know that your worksheet does not include column headers in its first row (in other words, if the columns are unlabeled). If your spreadsheet does not have column headings, you will see the first row of actual asset data in the drop-down lists described above.