Inventory Machines Dialog Box

You can start an inventory on a selected machine here.

Any machines already running the CAM Agent will be inventoried; machines on which the agent is not installed will temporarily receive the agent, have inventory run on them, and have the agent removed.

The following sections describe the options in each area of the dialog box, and the final section explains how to start the inventory process.

Select the CAM Access Point

  • Select the Access Point that the agent will use: From this drop-down list, select the access point to which the selected machine will report inventory information.
  • Overwrite existing installations (select to upgrade or reinstall out of date agents): This option is disabled in this dialog box.

There may be cases where one or more of the selected machines are already configured to report inventory to another access point. Any machines that have the agent already installed will use the access point specified at installation.

Enter Credentials

Enter the domain or local machine administrator credentials:

  • User name
  • Password
  • Domain or machine name

Use IP address instead of machine name option

If you select this check box, also type in the machine's IP address in the Domain or machine name option above.
You can only install using an IP address to machines where the IP address is known. This is most often the case when you previously installed to an IP address range and are now updating those machines.

Proxy server options

By default, the first option, Save proxy settings to agent machine, is unchecked. Only check this box if the machine needs to use a proxy server; see Proxy Server Options for help configuring the related options.

Proceeding with the inventory

Click Inventory to start the inventory process.

To find out whether the inventory completed properly, press F5 to refresh the display after a few minutes, or check the status line at the bottom right of the window for updates.

Neither the access point nor the proxy information will be changed on the machine if the CAM Agent is already installed on it.