Agent Options Inventory Tab

You can specify how the inventory process occurs.

To define the inventory process:

  1. On the Inventory tab in the Agent Options dialog box, select the following:
    The following three options apply to Windows machines only.
    1. Inventory frequency: By default, complete inventory scans are run once a month, and information on all .exe and .com files is always collected.
      • To schedule regular inventory scans, check the Perform a complete scan every box and then set the frequency (months, weeks, or days). Adjust the value in the first box to specify the exact frequency. For example, you can enter a 3 in the first box and then choose Months in the second box to run inventory every quarter.
    2. Inventory files with these extensions: To collect information on files with extensions other than .exe and .com, select Extensions. In the Inventory Extensions dialog box, list other extensions (for example, .mp3 or .ini files) to inventory.
    3. Inventory these files: There may be cases where you want to collect inventory information on specific files, rather than on all files with the same extension. In these cases, select Files, then add specific files to the inventory process.
  2. In the Exclude these folders from agent inventory section, uncheck boxes to add files to inventory that are excluded by default from inventory scans:
    • Temporary Internet Files folders
    • Folders that contain install, patch, and cache files
    • Mac OS system library, backup, and software update folders
  3. If there are other folders that contain files you don't want to include in inventories, select Advanced to open the Additional Exclude Folders dialog box, where you can specify which folders to exclude from inventories.