You can inventory each Windows computer on your network from CAM Administrator.

This topic applies to Windows machines.

Cherwell Asset Management allows you to perform an enterprise-wide inventory of the software and basic hardware on each machine without having to visit each one. You can inventory your network's machines in several ways:

  • Scheduled inventory: By default, complete inventory scans occur once a month.
    • You can change this setting by going to the Agent Options dialog box, then selecting the Inventory tab.
    • Also by default, inventory is run on a machine the first time the agent is installed. You can modify this for any Windows machine by selecting the Properties dialog box, then the Options tab.
  • On-demand inventory
    To inventory multiple machines by machine name:
    1. Select the machines in the Machines panel, then right-click your selection.
    2. Select Inventory Selected Machines.
    To inventory multiple machines by IP address:
    To inventory a single machine:
  • Remote inventory: A standalone inventory package allows you to inventory Windows and Mac OS machines not currently connected to the network, or for platforms where other methods are not supported.
  • Inventory from a network share location: From a network share location, run inventory on Windows and Mac OS machines that don't have the CAM Agent installed on them.

To see when the last inventory was performed:

  1. Go to the Machines panel in CAM Administrator.
  2. In the Inventory status column, find the machine you want to check.

You can also select on this column header to sort the list in the order of when inventory was last run.