CAM-specific Custom Machine Properties

The inventory agent supports a set of custom machine properties that are specific to Cherwell Asset Management. You can enter these properties in the New/Change Custom Machine Property dialog box, in the same way that you would enter any other custom WMI property.

In all cases, enter WIN32_ESM_CUSTOM in the WMI class field, and then enter the property name in the WMI property field. The following is a categorized list of all property names.

Note that the information in this topic applies to the Windows platform only.

Registry Access

  • hkey_classes_root
  • hkey_users
  • hkey_current_user
  • hkey_local_machine
  • hkey_current_config

Use the above property names to specify which registry hive you want to access. You must then enter a WHERE clause that specifies the exact key you want to be returned. (See the next section for more information on specifying the WHERE clause.)

for example, suppose you want to obtain the key value from the following:

hkey_local_machine\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer

In this case, you'd specify the property as:


And specify the WHERE clause as:

Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer

More Information on Specifying the WHERE Clause

When you specify the WHERE clause, there are some issues to consider. If you want the "(Default)" value of a registry entry returned, you need to add two backslashes to the end of the registry key name.

for example, if you select on the hkey_classes_root\.html key in the left pane, you'll see at least one value in the right pane, under the Name column: (Default). Depending on your configuration, you may see additional values in the right pane.

In this example, set up the custom inventory property in the New/Change Custom Machine Property dialog box as follows:

  1. In the WMI property field, type: hkey_classes_root
  2. In the Where clause field, type one of the following:
    • To get the "(Default)" value: .html\\
    • To get another value (for example, PerceivedType): .html\PerceivedType


  • Cherwell Asset Management supports collection of STRING and DWORD registry value types only.
  • If you are searching the hkey_current_user hive, you must specify that the inventory agent be run only when a user is logged in; otherwise no registry value will be returned. To set this option, see the Options tab of the machine's Properties dialog box.


  • PhysicalCPUCount: Number of physical CPUs; this property is only supported for Intel-based systems.