Collecting Information on Printers and Mapped Drives

Hardware inventory includes information on network printers and mapped drives, if available. By default, scheduled inventories are run under the System account on the machine where the CAM Agent is installed. This is so inventories will run even if no one is logged into the machine. There is one limitation in this scenario: User account-specific information about network printers and mapped drives may not be accurate, as the System account will typically not have these mappings defined.

If network printer and mapped drive hardware information is required, you will need to run inventory under the account of a logged-in user. You can do this in one of the following ways:

  • If you want scheduled inventories to always run under a logged-in user account, enable the Perform scheduled inventory only when user is logged in option, available on the Options tab of the machine’s Properties dialog box. When this option is marked, scheduled inventories will only be run when a user is logged in.
  • Run inventory on demand using the credentials of the end user. Inventory on demand is run under the account specified in the credentials dialog displayed when the inventory is requested. If you use the local user’s credentials, the inventory will run under that account.
  • Run inventory manually on the machine. You can launch the inventory agent manually on any machine while logged in.

On 64-bit machines, launch the agent from the Start menu by pointing to Run and then enter the following command in the Run dialog box:


On 32-bit machines, enter this command:


Note that when run manually, the inventory agent will display a simple user interface to inform you of its status.

The information in this topic applies to the Windows platform only.