Inventory Single Machine Dialog Box

This dialog box allows you to inventory a single Windows machine.

Options in each area of the dialog box are described below, and the final section explains how to start the inventory process.

Select the CAM Access Point

The first three options apply to selecting the CAM Access Point:

  • Machine name or IP address: Specify the name or IP address of the machine you want to inventory.
  • Select the Access Point that the agent will use: Choose the access point to which the selected machine will report inventory information.
  • Overwrite existing installations (select to upgrade or reinstall out of date agents): This option is disabled.

In the Credentials portion of the dialog box, enter the domain or local machine administrator credentials: the username, password, and domain or machine.

Use IP address instead of machine name
If you check this box, enter the machine's IP address in the Machine name or IP address option in the previous section (Select the CAM Access Point).
You can use an IP address instead of a machine name when you know the machine's IP address. This is most often the case when you previously installed to an IP address range and are now updating those machines.
Proxy server options

By default, the first option,Save proxy settings to agent machine, is not marked. Only mark this box if the machine needs to use a proxy server, and see Proxy Server Options for help configuring the related options.

Start the Inventory Process

Click Inventory to start the inventory process.

By default, this dialog box stays open until the inventory of the specified machine starts. To change this, uncheck Close this dialog box when inventory starts; an example of when you might want to do this is when you want to leave the dialog box open so you can inventory another machine.


  • If the specified machine already has the CAM Agent installed on it, inventory is performed by that agent. Otherwise, the CAM Agent is temporarily installed and then removed when the inventory is complete.
  • Neither the access point nor the proxy information will be changed on the machine if the CAM Agent is already installed on it.