Add/Change License Allocation Dialog Box

License allocation can be used to control usage for a concurrently licensed application.

Getting There

Use this dialog box to specify how many licenses to allocate to machine groups. You can either add a new allocation, or change an existing one.
You must have previously specified at least one purchase of licenses (via the License Unit Properties Purchasing tab or via Purchasing) to be able to allocate them.
  1. Specify how many licenses out of the total to allow a machine group to use.
  2. Select a machine group from the list. All discovered machine groups, as well as all machine groups you created, appear in the list box. When you select a group, it is added to the Selected group box.
  3. When you're done, select OK to return to the Concurrent License Allocations dialog box. You'll see the allocation information you just entered as well as information about how many licenses you have for this application, and how many are allocated.
This dialog box is called Add License Allocation if you are defining a new allocation, and Change License Allocation if you selected an existing licensing allocation to modify.