Machine Properties General Tab

View general machine properties, such as machine name, domain, IP address, the last time the machine was inventoried, and others.

Getting There

The machine properties displayed in this tab include:

  • The machine name and platform
  • The domain to which the machine belongs
  • The last user to log onto this machine (Windows machines only)
  • The last time this machine was inventoried
  • The last time this machine reported to the access point (Windows machines only)
  • The most recent metered launch for this machine (Windows machines only)
  • The date and time that the CAM Agent was installed on this machine (Windows machines only)
  • The machine's IP address, VM Host, NIC address, SMS ID, and hard drive partition serial number
  • A details box that provides information on the current status of the selected machine. See Error Messages in the Machine Properties Dialog Box for solutions to common error messages that can appear in this box.

This tab also provides a link to a Machine Summary report in these cases:

  • Windows machines: The CAM Agent is installed on the machine.
  • Linux/Unix/Mac OS machines: Discovery (including data collection) of that machine is complete.
The name of the selected machine is shown in the title bar in place of the word "machine."