Options General Tab

Getting There

Use this dialog box to view and specify Web component locations, and set automatic identification and CAM history options.

Web component locations

This section shows where the web components (Authentication, License Analytics, Purchasing, and Reporting) are located. Click the Configure button if you want to change any of these locations.

In hosted installations, you cannot change the locations of web components, but you can select a URL and copy it for pasting to the Clipboard or into a browser.

Automatically configure applications

This section includes these options:

  • Automatically configure Windows close match applications: Specifies whether Cherwell Asset Management should automatically configure close match main executable files into license units when it also automatically configures exact match files. By default, this option is selected.
  • On startup, prompt to automatically configure applications: Specifies whether you are prompted to automatically configure Windows applications when you start CAM Administrator. By default, this option is selected.

CAM history

By default, the one option is this section, Log CAM history is marked. You should only clear it if you don't want historical information on changes to your Cherwell Asset Management configuration saved.