Automatically Configuring Applications

As you use Cherwell Asset Management, inventory and usage information is collected from:

When you start CAM Administrator, Cherwell Asset Management checks whether there are any new files that have been collected that are identified in the Cherwell Software Identification Database (CSID).

  • For Windows applications, you are prompted to decide whether to configure these applications into license units. You can also decide whether to configure both exact match and close match application files. It's recommended that you answer Yes in most cases to save yourself the work of manually converting these applications into license units.
  • For Linux, Unix, and Mac OS applications, you are prompted to go to the Unconfigured Applications panel. From there, it's recommended that you first move the applications you don't want to track into the Don't configure folder and then configure the remaining applications; see How to configure Linux, Unix, and Mac OS applications for details.

The automatic configuration process runs at these times for Windows applications:

  • When you first start CAM Administrator.
  • When you run the Setup Wizard.
  • When you select Automatically Configure Applications from the Tools menu.
  • Once a day for evaluation versions of Cherwell Asset Management; once a week otherwise. You can change this behavior using the Schedule tab of the Options dialog box.