Cherwell Software Identification Database

The Cherwell Software Identification Database (CSID) is a database of software information. It contains information compiled on thousands of software applications, organized by software categories, and is updated regularly for the benefit of maintained customers.

The CSID is a required part of the CAM Database. The CSID allows Cherwell Asset Management to automatically identify applications and convert them into license units.

The CSID is used as a reference to specify how license units are configured. You cannot modify it, but you can create your own application definitions to add to your database, simply by creating new license units and applications based on the files found during the inventory and metering processes.

You can use the Contribute to the CSID dialog box to scan a selected machine for applications not already included in the CSID for possible inclusion in future versions of the CSID. You can also automatically scan machines determined to be the best candidates for providing new recognition data, by answering Yes in the Do you want to enable automatic contribution to the Cherwell Software Identification Database dialog box.

You cannot merge the CSID with other vendors’ knowledgebases.

The CSID includes Windows applications only.