Enable Automatic Contributions to the Cherwell Software Identification Database

Recommended: Select Yes to Enable Automatic Contributions to the Cherwell Software Identification Database in the Options Advanced tab dialog box.

Why Collecting Application Data Is Safe

We rely on our customers and partners to help continually improve application recognition. Key to this process is obtaining scans of installed application information from individual machines for analysis and inclusion in the CSID. You can help by allowing Cherwell Asset Management to automatically scan machines determined to be the best candidates for providing new recognition data.


  • A scan is generally equivalent to an inventory of software data only.
  • Scanning a machine does not have any perceptible impact on the user of the machine.
  • Only installed application information (.exe file signatures, Add/Remove program entries, etc.) is collected.
  • No identifying information is sent other than the CAM machine ID and your customer number.
  • New entries added to the CSID as a result of a scan contain no information that can lead back to the scanned machine.
  • Scans are sent over a secure HTTPS connection.
  • Scans are infrequent; only a few machines are scanned per month.

Hosted Installations Only: Why Collecting SNMP Data Is Safe

By giving us permission to view SNMP data collected in a hosted CAM database, our hosted customers who collect SNMP data from discovered network devices help us improve our SNMP attribute recognition capabilities. The data is transmitted over a secure connection and only the tables involved with SNMP data are viewed; no other data is examined and no changes are made.

Other Options

We recommend selecting Yes. If you do not want to automatically contribute to the CSID, select No, or select Ask Me Later to be prompted at a later date.

You can also enable or disable this option in the Options Advanced tab, and exclude specific machines from this process in the Machines Properties Advanced tab of the machine(s) you want to exclude.