Options Advanced Tab

Use the options in this dialog box to specify advanced global options.


Use Search in the Files panel to look for files that meet specific criteria. By default, the maximum number of files displayed that meet your search criteria is 1000. (You are alerted if the number of files that meet your criteria exceeds this maximum.) You can change this limit per search operation.

To change this limit globally, specify a new limit in the Performance area of this dialog box, or select the Do not limit the number of records returned by file search option.

CAM System License Units

Select CAM System License Units to specify whether CAM System License Units are displayed or hidden in the License Units panel.

Suite Applications

The Meter suite applications individually, is unchecked by default; Cherwell Asset Management will meter applications contained in a suite (such as office productivity suites) as a group, rather than by each application in the suite. Select Meter suite applications individually if you prefer to meter each application separately.

This is a global option, so when you mark this box, you are specifying that all applications contained in suites that you have enabled metering for are metered separately.

Contribute to the CSID

When Enable automatic contribution to the CSID is selected, Cherwell Asset Management automatically scans machines for unrecognized software so that these applications can be included in the Cherwell Software Identification Database (CSID). This occurs for both on-premises and hosted environments.  

Selecting this option is the same as selecting Yes in the dialog box that may appear at startup. Even when this option is selected, you can exclude certain machines from being scanned for unrecognized software.

Hosted environments only: selecting this option also gives Cherwell permission to view SNMP data from discovered network devices in your hosted database, for the purposes of improving our SNMP attribute recognition capabilities.

Learn more about automatically contributing to the CSID and why this is safe.