How to Create a Machine Group

Machine groups are groups of machines in various categories (installed, uninstalled, etc.).

To create a machine group:

  1. From the Machines panel, select the File menu, or right-click Machines at the top of the tree.

    Point to New Group and select Machine.

    If Machine is dimmed when you point to New Group, select Machines in the left pane of the panel, and try again.
  2. In the New Machine Group dialog box, enter the name of the new group and select OK.

The new group appears in the Machines panel, below the Deleted machines folder. If you selected an existing user-added group before selecting New Group > Machine, the new group will be created as a subgroup of the selected group.

To add machines to this group:

  • Select the machines in the right pane and drag them to the group in the left pane.

    - or -

  • Right-click on a machine to open the Machine Properties dialog box, then in the Member Of tab, select Add.