How to Schedule an Inventory

You can inventory machines on a schedule you specify.

By default, all machines that have the Windows CAM Agent installed on them are inventoried once a month, starting when the agent is first installed. You can override that setting and specify that some or all of the machines are inventoried starting at times other than when they are installed. You can also change the inventory frequency for all installed machines.


  • By default, machines are immediately inventoried when the agent is installed. If you want to change this behavior for the first inventory, complete the following procedures before the agent is installed.
  • The following procedures apply to Windows machines only.

To specify how often all machines should be inventoried:

  1. Select Machine > Agent Options.
  2. In the Inventory tab, make sure the Perform a complete scan every option is selected.
  3. Enter how often the inventory should occur in the text box and list box.

    Example: To run inventory every eight weeks, enter 8 in the first box and select Week(s) in the second box.

  4. Optional: From this tab, you can also specify other inventory options.
  5. Select OK.

To specify when specific machines should start being inventoried:

  1. In the Machines panel, select the machines for which you want to schedule inventory.
  2. Right-click and select Properties from the context-sensitive menu.
  3. In the <Machine name> Properties dialog box, select the Options tab.
  4. Select Override default inventory start date/time.
  5. Specify a start date and time.
  6. Select OK.