How to Set Up the Agent Self-upgrade Feature

You can specify that machines self-upgrade, which means they receive new versions of the Windows CAM Agent software at the next heartbeat, if the package in the specified share folder is newer than what is currently installed.

The information in this topic applies to Windows machines only.

Setting up the self-upgrade feature for the first time is a three-part process. You must complete Part 3 each time you upgrade to a later version of CAM.

Part 1. Prepare a Network Share Location for the Agent Upgrade Files

  1. Create the network share location.
  2. Grant read access to the share to Everyone, and full access to the administrator (the user who will run the script mentioned below, or manually copy the files to the share).
  3. Run the provided script, which copies the necessary files to the share you specify when prompted. By default, the script is located here:
    • On 32-bit machines: C:\Program Files\Cherwell Asset Management\CAM Administrator\ClientInstallPackage\Windows\AutoUpgrade_CopyClientPackage.wsf
    • On 64-bit machines: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cherwell Asset Management\CAM Administrator\ClientInstallPackage\Windows\AutoUpgrade_CopyClientPackage.wsf

Part 2. In CAM Administrator, Point to the Share

  1. Select Machine > Agent Options.
  2. Select the Self-upgrade tab.
  3. Enter the location of the share. You can enter a UNC or a mapped drive that is accessible to machines.
  4. Select OK.

Part 3. Specify Which Machines Should Self-upgrade

You must complete this part each time you upgrade to a later version of CAM.
  1. In the Machines panel, select which machines should self-upgrade.
  2. Right-click your selection(s), then select Enable Agent Self-upgrade.
  3. Select the location of the share, then select Enable Upgrade.

What Happens Next on the Machines?

At the next heartbeat after a newer version of the CAM Agent software is available in the share, eligible agent(s) upgrade to that version.


  • Any eligible machines that are powered off when an upgrade becomes available are upgraded the second time they check in with their access points after being powered on. (This check-in process is called the heartbeat rate, and you can configure it in the Advanced tab of the Agent Options dialog box.)
  • You can cancel a pending self-upgrade only if the upgrade hasn't started yet. Right-click the machine, then select Cancel Pending (Un)install/Upgrade.

What About Adding New Machines?

When new machines are added to your network, or if you want to implement the self-upgrade feature on more existing machines, follow the instructions in Part 3 above.

What Should I Do When I Update or Upgrade the CAM Agent Software?

When you receive an update or upgrade of the CAM Agent software, copy the agent upgrade files to the network share, as described in Part 1 above. Next, re-enable self-upgrades on the machines to upgrade.