Machines Panel

The Machines panel lists all discovered and/or managed computers on your network.

Use the Search text box at the top of the panel to search for machines by name, IP address, or last logged-in user. Wildcards are automatically added to the beginning and end of the text you enter.

Wildcards in text (example: li*ux) are not supported.

To search for machines:

  • Select the Machine group folder on the left to search, then enter text in the box.

    - or -

  • Press Ctrl+F from anywhere in the Machines panel to start typing in the search box.


  • If you don't see the expected results, verify that the correct machine group is selected in the left pane.
  • Select the topmost group, Machines, to search all machines.
  • To clear the results, do one of the following:

    • Select X.
    • Search for an empty string.
    • Select a different group.

Machine Groups

Machines are grouped into the following categories:

  • Linux machines discovered by Linux/Unix/Mac OS discovery.
  • Mac OS machines discovered by the Linux/Unix/Mac OS or Active Directory discovery. If you have machines that are running earlier versions of the Mac OS, you can also discover machines by using either the remote inventory procedure or from a network share location. Mac OS machines discovered by any of these methods are included in this list.
  • Unix machines discovered by Linux/Unix/Mac OS discovery.
  • Windows machines, broken out by these categories:
    • Not installed: Machines that do not yet have the CAM Agent installed on them and are therefore not yet managed by Cherwell Asset Management.
    • Installed: The CAM Agent is installed on these machines, and they are reporting to an CAM Access Point.
    • By access point: Each configured access point is listed here; machines associated with each access point are listed in the right pane.
  • Licenses in use includes all machines that have inventory and/or usage (also known as metering, for Windows machines only) data collected from them, broken out into Inventory and Metering folders. The Inventory folder is further broken out by platform.
    Machines do not have to have the CAM Agent currently installed on them to appear in these lists.
  • Full list: All known machines on your network.
  • Discovered: All machines discovered by Active Directory or domain discovery, organized into groups as defined by the results of the discovery process.
  • Deleted machines: Any machines you've deleted.
  • Any machine groups you've created.

When one or more machines are selected, you can right-click on your selection to open a context-sensitive menu from which you can perform various tasks including inventorying the machine(s), installing the CAM Agent, uninstalling the agent, viewing machine properties, and so on.