Deleting Machines

There may be situations where you want to delete machines from the Machines panel. Examples:

  • A machine is physically removed from the network.
  • You ran the discovery process but are really only interested in collecting data from certain machines (such as only those used in a particular department).

When you delete a machine:

  • The machine name appears in the Deleted machines list in the left pane, as well as in the Discovered folder with a delete icon ( ) next to it. It no longer appears in the Full list.
  • The machine no longer appears in any user-defined groups or profiles it belonged to before it was deleted.
  • The machine is not added back to any machine lists when you next run Discovery.
  • The machine's inventory information is removed from the CAM Database; metering (usage) data, which contributes to the accuracy of peak usage information, is not deleted until the database is reset with a date that is later than the data, and you can still view this information in reports.
  • If any software licenses were allocated to that machine, those licenses are released.
  • If the CAM Agent is installed on the machine, Cherwell Asset Management uninstalls it. You are prompted for credentials.
  • You can restore deleted machines that still appear in the Deleted machines list.