Setup Wizard Access Point Failure

 This topic includes sections that are noted as only relevant in certain configurations:

Hosted installations; On-premises installations; CSM authentication; CAM authentication

As the Setup Wizard runs, it checks to see if the CAM Access Point is up and whether the CAM Agent is checking in with it. If you see this error message, one of those items failed. Common reasons for a failure of this type include:

  • A CAM Access Point was not installed. To resolve:
    • Re-run Setup and install a CAM Access Point.
    • Re-run the Hosted CAM Setup application and install a CAM Access Point proxy.
  • The CAM Access Point is unavailable. Click one of the following for help:
  • The CAM Agent can't communicate with the CAM Access Point.
    • Either the CAM Access Point is unavailable (see above), or you have a proxy server environment. You'll need to install the CAM Agent from the Machines panel if you need to configure it for use with a proxy server.
    • If this information does not resolve the issue, please contact technical support.