If No Access Points Are Available

On-premises customers should check the Event Viewer for messages that can pinpoint Access Point issues. Hosted customers can verify that the Access Points are properly registered and credentials provided by Cherwell are correct in the settings utility.

On-premises Installations

If no CAM Access Points are listed on the Status panel, or if you receive an error message that an access point was not contacted or found, first check the Event Viewer on the Access Point for more information.

The issue could be one of the following:

  • The CAM Access Point is installed on another machine and is from an earlier version. Upgrade it to the same version as the other CAM components.
  • You need to properly install IIS for the Access Point to be properly registered. Access Point registration is performed during setup; if your Access Point isn't listed, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling it.

The CAM Access Point component requires that Microsoft's .NET Framework version and Internet Information Services (IIS) be installed. Operating system, installation defaults, security, and installation ordering may result in the machine not being configured to properly host the CAM Access Point. The Cherwell Asset Management Requirements Analyzer checks to make sure IIS and .NET are installed; however, there may still be issues with the IIS configuration that must be resolved.

See Technical Note 1082 for additional information on IIS and the CAM Access Point.

Hosted Installations

If you encounter issues with the CAM Access Point, try the following:

  • Use the settings utility to update the CSM connection user name and password to the credentials provided to you by Cherwell support. The utility is available in the folder from which you installed the on-premises components of your installation. Run the following from a command prompt for a list of commands and syntax information:
                            esmsettings /?